“Alla scoperta delle meraviglie di Roma: un’avventura da vivere insieme”.

My name is Sandra Haarmann and I am the founder of Rome Guide. I am originally from Germany and have worked as a tour guide, discovering the wonders of this great and beautiful city. My story began when I moved to Rome to study at the University of La Sapienza.
Being a guide in the Eternal City was such an incredible experience that it gave me the inspiration and impetus to start up my own touring business, Grand Tour International. This amazing opportunity allowed me to gain even more insight into Rome’s culture, as well as providing a platform through which I could share everything I knew. As a researcher, it was phenomenal.
Exploring the never-ending surprises of this amazing city has become something I’m passionate about; I want to document my journey and share my daily experiences & emotions through blogging.
I decided to title it “Discovering the Wonders of Rome: An Adventure to Live Together.”
The possibilities when exploring Rome are endless: from its radiant fountains to churches, museums, culinary traditions, and art galleries.